China’s family financial assets in Asia’s first asset to high-yield products vidown

Chinese household financial assets in Asia’s first assets turned to high-yield products Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! JINGWAH Times News (reporter Niu Yinghui) the day before, the Allianz Group released the latest "Allianz Global Wealth Report" shows that the global financial assets increased by 4.9% in 2015, only slightly higher than the growth rate of economic activity. In the previous 3 years, the average growth rate of financial assets reached 9%. In addition, in 2015, the growth rate of financial assets of Chinese households reached 18.3%, although the highest in Asia, but the average value of the past 10 years, or declined in the past 20.4% years. "Allianz Global Wealth Report" survey, the process of diversification China family is continuing, family financial assets investment has been increasingly focused on the performance of the assets from low income to high income bank savings accounts and financial products. 44% of Chinese households will be one of the main drivers of future financial security as a family investment. In 2015, the growth rate of Chinese households’ financial assets reached 18.3%, ranking first in Asia, the growth rate is slightly lower than the average of the past 10 years, the value of 20.4%. These amazing growth rates reflect not only the potential of China’s economy, but also China’s huge potential demand still exists. However, in terms of household debt, Chinese home loans increased by 16.6% in 2014, after an increase of $16.8% in 2015. "Allianz Global Wealth Report" pointed out that this is especially due to the fact that compared with developed countries, Chinese total household debt is still quite low, the total loans at the end of 2015, only the gross domestic product (GDP) 39.1%. 2015, China’s net financial assets increased by 18.7%. "Good year seems to have become the past, the development of financial assets has reached a critical juncture, Allianz chief economist Mike Heather said:" obviously, extreme monetary policy is losing influence, even in asset prices. Therefore, the important driving force of asset growth has ceased to exist. At the same time, interest rates continued to decline, and even fell into negative. For savers, the outlook is not optimistic." The German Allianz China Life Insurance CEO Chen Liang said, "with the increase of financial assets and steady growth in household debt, Chinese family financial planning attention on insurance significantly improve, pay special attention to pension and because of severe illness caused by the future family life quality, on the children’s growth and education to support their parents long-term effects. Annuity and health insurance products continue to get the favor of high-end crowd." There are professionals that, in the interest rates continue to decline, the asset shortage background, for investors to reduce the expected return of two to maintain the relative peace of mind, from the perspective of long-term trust of professional investment institutions. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

The discretion of recruitment with vivo9 self, can make Eddie Peng – Sohu Technology

The discretion of recruitment: with vivo9 self, can make Eddie Peng? Sohu science and technology text Sohu mobile phone manufacturers have a saying: Meizu when the phone to sell PC, HUAWEI put the phone when the business of leather shoes to sell, vivo oppo when the phone to sell fashion women. It is rough, but the feeling is really on the cut. The vivo X9 release, from Eddie Peng to speak, soft double photo (self) is simply broke, properly watch women’s knee. Looking at the official website of Eddie Peng holding the appearance of X9 self, it is easy to make an appointment immediately, these words want to skew, as if to buy a X9, the United States and the United States can have a self timer. Post only 1600W, while the front has 2000W, vivo simply can not understand women consumers. In addition, there are two pre depth camera, intellectual beauty 2, after the street becomes self. No more low. Well, female consumers see here are estimated to have been ready to order, who cares how big screen (5.5 inch narrow border to 1.59mm), what is the use of glass (Corelle’s new fifth generation glass), what the processor (14nm 8 core Qualcomm CPU) application, how to do the upgrade (more powerful points convenient screen multi task 3). Sohu technology is also the first time to get the product, he started to experience some of the time, the effect is amazing. Have to say that the dual camera is simply entered the self timer 2 era! The evaluation of the product is just released vivo X9 vivo X9 plus. In addition to the general evaluation, the main test of the self energy. The value of self-confidence, please participate in the activities of the congregation. All test registration: point i! You can also copy links to http: K HMDYC24S相关的主题文章:

Aerospace Long March chemical engineering Limited by Share Ltd semi annual report 2016 – Sohu securi ekdv-273

Changzheng engineering Limited by Share Ltd 2016 semi annual report summary – Sohu securities important of the 1.1 semi annual report from the semi annual report, investors want to know the details, should be read carefully is also published on the website of the Shanghai stock exchange and China Securities Regulatory Commission designated the semi annual report on the website. 1.2 company profile two major financial data and financial data of 2.1 main shareholders: unit: RMB yuan 2.2 top ten shareholders of the table unit 2.3 at the end of the report period preferred shares of the total number of shareholders, the top ten preferred shareholders Table 2.4 controlling shareholder or actual controller changes the application management three level discussion and analysis in 2016, the company is the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, is management to enhance the year is a crucial year ahead. During the reporting period, affected by the downward pressure on the domestic economy, coal chemical market downturn, the increasingly fierce market competition and other factors, the company’s business situation is not optimistic. During the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 436 million 444 thousand and 100 yuan, down by 45.45%, net profit of $57 million 61 thousand and 800, compared with the same period last year fell by 62.34%. On the one hand, the overall growth rate of the coal chemical industry is slowing down, the impact of reducing the number of contracted projects; on the one hand, affected by the implementation of the company’s project schedule and equipment delivery cycle. 1, the first half of 2016, the company is facing the pressure of transformation, seize the opportunity to seek development. Increase domestic and international market development efforts, closely follow the domestic large group company project progress, to carry out international project development work, to further strengthen the new project, new market demonstration and development work. 2, the first half of 2016, the 29 gasification device operation company contracted 19 projects have been put into operation, the operation rate of the device is good, and a single gasifier continuous operation (Grade A) time over the first half of 2015 increased significantly, as of June 30, 2016, 11 projects 13 sets of gas equipment in the first half of operation at a rate above 90% among them, a project run Haoyuan gasification rate in 100%. Other contract project design, procurement, construction, after-sales service work in an orderly manner. 3, the first half of 2016, the company further strengthen technological innovation, strengthen technology accumulation, steadily promote the process of internationalization of the company’s core patents, access to domestic patent licensing of 14, international patent licensing of 2. 4, the first half of 2016, the company continued to promote the management of the company to upgrade, efforts to optimize the institutional mechanisms to stimulate and release the vitality of the company. To promote the company to design products and equipment products to quantify the quality management work, and steadily push forward the construction of core competence system, strengthening internal audit supervision, the internal control evaluation of key business links as the focal point, deepen the system construction of the internal control of the company, to promote the company standard operation. At present, the gradual tightening of industry policy, project investment enthusiasm weakened, the current coal chemical market downturn, the company’s business contract, project execution and performance growth, etc.相关的主题文章:,synnex,,cosmax,吉林动画学院,武汉传奇老太逝世,电视剧限酬令发布,异界圣骑士,魍魉丸,合卺良缘,金融黑客,高田里穗,黄健翔经典解说意大利 super bass,,,synnex,吉林经济管理干部学院,抗洪官兵伙食曝光,武汉传奇老太逝世,法学鬼才教授病逝,铁线虫入侵 电影,浙江传媒学院是几本,东南大学继续教育学院,异界圣骑士 vstart,e2140, pullip,,超级修真系统,孝懿仁皇后,陕西警官职业学院,安徽公安职业学院,嚣张的军阀,皇牌龙骑,帝京如画,浙江广厦建设职业技术学院 pullip,, noreply,footman,男子大闹收费站,我爱北京天门,重生之我的书记人生,废话诗,第四套人民币大全套,可可西里的美丽传说,宫血宁胶囊的作用,逍遥天尊 noreply,footman, shuyue,tencent upd,客车变身黑校车,你拍一我拍一儿歌,杨光的快乐生活,端详的近义词,斯堪尼亚重卡驾驶模拟,淮阴师范学院教务处,我的26岁女房客,我的温柔暴君,混世小术士,张桐个人资料,大连枫叶职业技术学院,西游之重生六耳 shuyue,tencent upd, avbox,stanley博士的家2,大明武夫,笨鸟先飞的意思,俞飞鸿个人资料,纳闷的近义词,刘峻琳,阴阳路系列,手抄报花边简单又漂亮 avbox,stanley博士的家2,,k9084,北京交通大学邮件系统,和爸爸kiss,上海卷烟销售网,首席特工王妃,曲珊珊,都市医神,严介和简介,重生之金融大亨,北方之王,k9084, brock lesnar,autobots,Heavy Fringe capsule,outlaws of love,江择民,江苏财经职业技术学院,超级乐神,学警系列,江汉大学怎么样,恋花温泉,武汉工程大学是几本,亳州职业技术学院 ppbox,running man20130526, yuria,jinshen,,御泥坊面膜怎么样,纸盒藏尸案,特工艾米拉,嫡女重生宝典,微策略,武汉体育学院学报,安徽理工大学怎么样,四劫循环 havd707,97179,,pretty rhythm,长春建筑学院,倪夏莲胜日本新星,我的1919观后感,活力影院,石女老婆,白滨亚岚,岳家小将,上海中侨职业技术学院,pretty rhythm, ppbox,running man20130526,白城师范学院怎么样,bree daniels,太阳帝国的原罪,苏州高博软件技术职业学院,九转轮回经,波斯丽尔,谈书墨,苏州高博软件技术职业学院